about how, when, where and why
Barcelona joined them and Girona gave them a chance to put the way they understood hairdressing into practice.

That was how The J&J Lab hairdressing salon came about, opened in 2016 by Jordi Vilà and Juanma Garrido.

Getting to know them means understanding their working philosophy. Here are a few key points to understand their project.

When did you begin in the hairdressing world?

Juanma: my relationship with hairdressing was a casual matter. I started 20 years ago now helping my partner, and I liked it so much that here I am still.

Jordi: it was a matter of family motivation. At 12 years of age I could see my sister working at her hairdressers in Figueres. After insisting and “sneaking in” to her hairdressers at weekends, she decided to give me a chance to work there, so I would know if I hated or love the profession.
So Teresa was my first teacher.


Who was your first reference?

Juanma: Alexandre de Paris was the first hairdressing icon that I had: it was the first time that I had been to a hairdressing show and I watched his team work live. I think it was the first time that I had seen a full auditorium in silence watching every movement they made. From that time on I have always wanted to do updos – it’s something I like and enjoy working on a lot.

An iconic look.

J&J: With no doubt at all Vidal Sassoon’s five point in the late 60s. It’s an icon and timeless hairstyle. It has become a classic.


What makes a haircut a good haircut?

J&J: we think that a good hairdo does not only depend on the technique with which it’s done, which is of course important. But it’s the little details that make a haircut perfect, to let the hair move loosely with the lines always visible.
The shaper balance, the concept combining cut and colour, is our team’s DNA, which we offer to every customer who places their trust in us.


Why Girona?

J&J:  Because it’s the ideal city to get the project under way. It fits in very well with our working philosophy.

Your favourite place?

Juanma: London. Always a reference for modernity.

Jordi: Barcelona’s seaside promenade. Enjoying a sundown watching the sea with a glass of wine.


What hobbies do you have? How are they reflected in your work?

Juanma: I enjoy anything to do with fashion, a photography or contemporary art exhibition (especially if they are minimalists).

Minimalist ideals converge in both the colour and the technique used in our work. When we think of a hairstyle for either a boy or a girl, we look for pure lines and focus on these a lot.


Where does your inspiration come from

Jordi: From everywhere really, for me the secret involves not looking but observing, being open to stimuli. It could be someone you see in the street, a film, a magazine, a trip… the trick is to be able to transfer that concept and apply it to our daily work with our customers.


The worse situation with a customer was…

Jordi: Our hairdos are so polished that we need the customer to be sitting properly with their back straight. One day the woman whose hair I was cutting was sitting there with her legs crossed. What with my beginner’s nerves and being so keen to do my work properly I said to her “will you open your legs?


The best thing…

Juanma: at a wedding. After styling the bride and the relatives, getting to the reception, the bride’s father coming up and giving me a hug. That’s really all you need.


Tell us something unmentionable…

J&J: Those are things we talk about at the salon!